Configuring HTTP(S) load balancing

Let's take an example where we create two VMs in different regions with the same tag, and test them for HTTP(S) load balancing:

  1. Use the following command to create a VM and allow HTTP(S) traffic to it. Here, we are installing Debian on the VM and running commands such as updating it, installing Apache on it, and hosting a simple web page on it. You can name these instances sequentially for convenience, for example, www-1, www-2, and so on:
gcloud compute instances create <<<first-instance-name>>>  \    --image-family debian-8 \    --image-project debian-cloud \    --zone us-central1-b \    --tags https-tag \    --metadata startup-script="#! /bin/bash /sudo apt-get update /sudo apt-get install apache2 -y /sudo a2ensite ...

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