Google+ Companion

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Get the inside scoop on the newest social networking site: Google+

If you think you've seen it all when it comes to social networking sites, you haven't seen Google+ yet! Built from the ground up to be useful to both desktop and mobile users, Google+ offers the same great features as other popular social network sites yet, Google+ goes one step further by integrating popular Google technologies and introducing exciting new and unique features such as "Circles," "Hang," and "Sparks." Using clear, step-by-step instructions, Google+ Companion helps you master this amazing new social networking technology.

  • Highlights the new and innovative features of Google+ with the use of clear, easy-to-understand descriptions

  • Introduces you to "Circles," a brilliant feature that allows users to decide what updates and personal information each group of friends see

  • Shares helpful details to explain "Hang": the new group video feature

  • Walks you through "Sparks," which integrates Google search into the social network

  • Addresses how Google+ will be supported on desktop computers as well as Android and iOS devices

Step into the newest world of social networking sites with Google+ Companion!

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Chapter 1: What Is Google+ and Why Should I Use It?
    1. Discovering Why Google+ Is So Great
    2. What Is the Difference between Google+ and Other Social Networks?
    3. Does It Cost Money to Use Google+?
    4. What Can You Do with Google+?
    5. Who Can You Find on Google+?
    6. Signing Up for Google+
    7. Related Questions
  5. Chapter 2: How Do I Set Up My Google+ Profile?
    1. Signing In for the First Time
    2. Completing Your Google+ Profile
    3. Related Questions
  6. Chapter 3: How Do I Navigate Google+?
    1. Looking at the Google+ Home Page
    2. Getting to Know the Google+ Bar
    3. Navigating between Different Sections of Google+
    4. Sending Feedback to Google
    5. Related Questions
  7. Chapter 4: How Do I Find and Add Friends?
    1. Searching for People You Know
    2. Finding Friends from Your Contacts
    3. Checking Out People Who’ve Added You
    4. Related Questions
  8. Chapter 5: What Are Circles and How Do I Use Them?
    1. Getting to Know Circles
    2. Adding People to Circles
    3. Removing People from Circles
    4. Creating New Circles
    5. Editing and Sharing Circle Information
    6. Blocking People
    7. Related Questions
  9. Chapter 6: How Can I Share What's Happening in My Life?
    1. Creating a Post to Share in Your Stream
    2. Choosing Which Circles to Share Your Posts With
    3. Managing Posts
    4. Managing Other People’s Posts
    5. Related Questions
  10. Chapter 7: How Can I Hang Out with My Friends Using Google+?
    1. Having a Live Text Chat in Google+
    2. Setting Up Google Voice and Video
    3. Adjusting Chat Settings
    4. Having a Live Video and Audio Chat
    5. Discovering What Hangouts Are All About
    6. Related Questions
  11. Chapter 8: How Do I Manage and Upload Photos in Google+?
    1. Looking at Photos in Google+
    2. Uploading Photos and Creating Albums
    3. Uploading Photos on a Computer from an Android Phone
    4. Editing and Sharing Photos in Lightbox
    5. Editing Photos with the Creative Kit
    6. Related Questions
  12. Chapter 9: How Do I Discover Interesting News Subjects?
    1. Discovering “What’s Hot” Information
    2. Looking at Ripples
    3. Searching for Information
    4. Related Questions
  13. Chapter 10: What Is +1 and How Do I Use It with Google+?
    1. Discovering What +1 Is All About
    2. Recommending Articles and Posts with +1
    3. Integrating +1 with Your Website
    4. Managing Your +1 Web Content in Google+
    5. Related Questions
  14. Chapter 11: How Do I Play Games on Google+?
    1. Finding Games to Play
    2. Installing Games
    3. Spending Money on Games
    4. Removing or Deleting Games
    5. Related Questions
  15. Chapter 12: How Do I Manage Google+ Settings?
    1. Accessing the Google Accounts Settings
    2. Looking at the Account Overview
    3. Managing Profile and Privacy Settings
    4. Fine-tuning Google+ Settings
    5. Adjusting the Language Settings
    6. Accessing Data Liberation
    7. Setting Up Connected Accounts
    8. Related Questions
  16. Chapter 13: How Do I Use Google+ on a Mobile Device?
    1. Using the Google+ Mobile Website
    2. Installing the Google+ App
    3. Getting Started with the Google+ App
    4. Viewing Your Stream and Creating Posts in the Google+ App
    5. Using Messenger in the Google+ App
    6. Viewing and Sharing Photos in the Google+ App
    7. Checking Your Profile in the Google+ App
    8. Managing Your Circles in the Google+ App
    9. Related Questions
  17. Chapter 14: What Other Really Cool Google+ Tricks and Tips Can I Use?
    1. Using Google+ with Google Calendar
    2. Cool Tricks with Circles
    3. Searching within Google+
    4. The Best Google+ Extensions
    5. Keyboard Shortcuts
    6. Related Questions
  18. Chapter 15: How Do I Manage My Privacy and Personal Information?
    1. Discovering Just How Much Google Knows About You
    2. Looking at the Privacy Center
    3. Choosing What Information You Want to Make Public
    4. Looking at the Google Dashboard
    5. Accessing a Deceased Person’s Gmail Account
    6. Deleting Your Google Account
    7. Related Questions
  19. Chapter 16: How Do I Use Google+ to Promote My Business?
    1. Understanding Google’s Approach to Businesses on Google+
    2. Creating a Google+ Page
    3. Switching between Pages
    4. Developing Your Page
    5. Connecting Your Page and Website
    6. Setting Up Direct Connect
    7. Related Questions
  20. APPENDIX: Resources
    1. Setting Up
    2. Marketplaces
    3. Finding People on Google+
    4. Marketing Your Google+ Page
    5. Reading Up on Social Media Developments
    6. Following Interesting People

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  • Title: Google+ Companion
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2012
  • Publisher(s): Visual
  • ISBN: 9781118186466