Google Glass For Dummies

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A full-color guide to everything you need to know about Google Glass!

With this easy-to-use guide, you can wear your Google Glass with confidence! From setup and configuration, to learning how to tap into the amazing features of Google Glass, this book has it all. Soon you'll be taking photos and video, accessing the display, using the applications, and operating the arm's touchpad. This must-have guide is filled with the important information you need. Keep the book on hand and refer to it often as you explore the world through your Google Glass.

Google Glass For Dummies is the only guide you'll need to control this extraordinary technology that includes a camera, display, touchpad, battery, and microphone all built into the frames of the glasses. Not only do they allow you to access the display in your field of vision—so you can access the time, date, and weather—they also give you the ability to film videos, take and share photos, search the web, and translate languages—all on the go!

  • Discover how to use the Google Glass tools, including the camera, display, touchpad, battery, and microphone

  • Tap into the power of Google Glass voice controls and the bone-induction technology that vibrates to create sound

  • Find out how to take pictures and video while you're on the go

  • Video conference with your coworkers using Google Glass

  • This handy reference is your guide to everything Google Glass, covering all of the details of this extraordinary Google gadget.

    Table of contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: Getting Started with Google Glass
        1. Chapter 1: The World Through Glass
          1. What Is This Thing Called Glass?
            1. What does Google Glass do?
            2. How does Glass differ from other mobile devices?
          2. How Glass Fits into Your Life
          3. What You Can Do with Glass
            1. Manage air travel
            2. Do your job more efficiently
            3. Get fit and get cooking
            4. Meet people
          4. Is Glass the Most Exciting Thing Ever?
        2. Chapter 2: Finally On Your Head
          1. Put Your Glass On
            1. Unboxing Glass
            2. Getting to know your Glass
            3. Turning Glass on and off
          2. Charging Glass
          3. Fitting Your Glass
        3. Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Google Glass
          1. Completing the Google Glass Checklist
          2. Setting Up Your Glass in Many (OK, Two) Ways
            1. Setup on an Android phone
            2. Setup with a web browser
      3. Part II: Exploring Glass
        1. Chapter 4: Mastering the Basics
          1. Starting with the Home Screen
          2. Using Your Hands to Control Your Glass
            1. Swiping
            2. Tapping
            3. Dismissing an action
            4. Waking up Glass
          3. Using Your Voice to Dictate to Your Glass
          4. Touring the Timeline
          5. Playing with Cards
            1. Viewing current and upcoming events
            2. Viewing recent events
            3. Choosing commands for cards
            4. Working with bundled cards
            5. Receiving notifications
            6. Pinning cards
        2. Chapter 5: Enhancing Glass with the MyGlass Website
          1. Taking the Red Carpet Tour of MyGlass
          2. Managing Your Contact List
            1. Importing a contact
            2. Adding a contact
            3. Viewing a contact card
            4. Editing a contact
            5. Removing a contact
            6. Merging contacts
          3. Adding a Wi-Fi Network by Using the MyGlass Web App
            1. Generating a QR code
            2. Adding the network to your Glass
          4. Tracking Down Your Glass
          5. Enabling or Disabling Glassware
        3. Chapter 6: Managing Glass Settings
          1. Finding the Settings Bundle
          2. Seeing What’s Going On
            1. Storage
            2. Operating system
          3. Getting the Volume Just Right
          4. Doing the Old Join and Switch
            1. Joining a network
            2. Switching networks
            3. Disconnecting from a network
          5. Pairing with Bluetooth Devices
          6. Using Settings That Use Your Head
            1. Configuring Head Wake Up
            2. Configuring On-Head Detection
          7. Resetting Glass
        4. Chapter 7: Using Glass Responsibly
          1. There’s a Computer on Your Head
          2. There’s a Camera on Your Head
            1. Ask permission before recording
            2. Share responsibly
          3. Don’t Be a Showoff
          4. Be a Glass Ambassador
          5. Know That Wearing Glass Is a Privilege
      4. Part III: It Can Do That?
        1. Chapter 8: Making Your Memories
          1. Snapping Pictures
            1. Winking to take a picture
            2. Evoking a vignette
          2. Capturing Videos
            1. Extending a recording
            2. Stopping a recording
            3. Playing video
          3. Sharing Your Glass Media
            1. Sharing from your timeline
            2. Adding captions
            3. Sharing with your computer
          4. Backing Up Your Media to Google+
            1. Accessing backed-up files
            2. Backing up manually (Android and iOS)
        2. Chapter 9: (Almost) Everything Is Possible Online
          1. Searching to Your Heart’s Content
            1. What you can search for
            2. How to find out more
          2. Browsing Any Time, Anywhere
            1. Scroll up and down
            2. Zoom in and out
            3. Look around a web page
            4. Tap a link
          3. Hanging Out with Your Friends
            1. Joining a Hangout
            2. Starting a Hangout
            3. Taking action in a Hangout
          4. Sending E-mail Messages
            1. You’ve got mail
            2. Open hailing frequencies
          5. Getting Fast Facts with Google Now
            1. Setting up Google Now in Google Search
            2. Setting up Google Now on your Glass
        3. Chapter 10: Using Glass with Your Phone
          1. Making and Taking Phone Calls
            1. Opening a channel
            2. Captain, you’re being hailed
            3. Controlling your call
          2. Sending SMS Messages
            1. Sending to a Glass contact
            2. Sending to a smartphone contact
          3. Going Live with Screencasting
            1. Starting and stopping a screencast
            2. Connecting to a video device
            3. Controlling a screencast
        4. Chapter 11: Other Cool Stuff
          1. Navigating the World in a Flash
            1. Getting routed
            2. Deciding how to get there
            3. Checking out the neighborhood
          2. Finding Out What’s Playing
          3. Treating Your Eyes Right
            1. Throwing shade
            2. Switching frames
      5. Part IV: Give More Power to Your Glass
        1. Chapter 12: Finding Third-Party Apps
          1. Shop for Glassware
            1. Browse apps
            2. Download apps
          2. Start Me Up
          3. Get Some Friendly Advice
        2. Chapter 13: Upgrading Your Glass
          1. Letting Glass Update Itself
            1. Finding out what got installed
            2. Checking the OS version
          2. Updating Glass Manually
        3. Chapter 14: Hacking Your Glass
          1. Giving Users What They Want
            1. Unobtrusive display
            2. Relevant information
            3. Voice control
          2. Choosing a Development Environment
            1. Looking into the Mirror
            2. Building from the kit
          3. Submitting Your Glassware to Google
      6. Part V: Maintaining Your Glass
        1. Chapter 15: Troubleshooting Common Glass Problems
          1. Fixing Common Wonkiness
            1. Wi-Fi worries
            2. Tethering troubles
            3. Bluetooth bummers
            4. General glitches
          2. Fitting Glass to Your Face
            1. Finding the Goldilocks fit
            2. Getting accustomed to your Glass
            3. Fixing a crack in the frame
          3. Resolving Operation Errors
            1. I see dead pixels
            2. My map is frozen
            3. Callers sound like they’re underwater
            4. I have files and I can’t back up
            5. Pictures and video won’t sync to my computer
          4. Getting Help from Google
        2. Chapter 16: Keeping Your Glass in Top Condition
          1. Handling Glass with Care
            1. Keep it right side up
            2. Watch the weather forecast
            3. Store it in a pouch
          2. Empowering Your Glass
        3. Chapter 17: Getting Help with Glass
          1. Checking Out the FAQs
          2. Going to Google for Help
            1. Calling Google
            2. Requesting a call from a Glass Guide
            3. Asking for help by e-mail
          3. Turning to the Glass User Community
            1. Glass Community
            2. Google+
      7. Part VI: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 18: Ten Apps You Need to “See”
          1. Google Apps
            1. Hangouts
            2. Google Play Music
            3. YouTube
          2. Social and Connectivity Apps
            1. IFTTT
            2. Facebook
          3. Useful Utilities
            1. Word Lens
            2. Stopwatch
            3. Weather Alert
          4. Games and Leisure Apps
            1. Allthecooks
            2. Spellista
        2. Chapter 19: Ten Things Not to Do with Glass
          1. Shower with It
          2. Take It on a Date
          3. Pirate a Theatrical Movie
          4. Share Embarrassing Photos
          5. Sleep with It
          6. Touch the Cube
          7. Break Rules — or the Law
          8. Try to Be a Fashionista
          9. Creep People Out
          10. Show Off
        3. Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Make New Friends with Glass
          1. Connect with the Glass Community
          2. Use Glass Hashtags on Social Networks
          3. Move in Google+ Circles
          4. Hook Up with LinkedIn Groups
          5. Wear Glass in Public
          6. Do Show-and-Tell with Glass
          7. Develop Something Great for Glass
          8. Get Your Glass at a Base Camp
          9. Attend Glass Events
          10. Host Your Own Glass Event
      8. About the Authors
      9. Cheat Sheet
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    • Title: Google Glass For Dummies
    • Author(s): Eric Butow, Robert Stepisnik
    • Release date: April 2014
    • Publisher(s): For Dummies
    • ISBN: 9781118825228