Chapter 9

(Almost) Everything Is Possible Online

In This Chapter

arrow Performing a Google search

arrow Browsing the web on Glass

arrow Hanging out in Hangouts

arrow Getting and sending e-mail

arrow Getting the latest information with Google Now

Answers are what we are trying to get at; search is a process by which you may be able to get answers, but it’s not the end goal. It’s a mechanism.

— Conrad Wolfram

Searching for information without reaching for your smartphone is one of the big advantages of using Google Glass. It’s easy to search the web by using the built-in Google search engine from the Home screen. Glass also offers the Google Now service, an automated personal assistant that shows information cards based on what Glass knows about you and how you use Glass.

In addition, Glass creates timeline entries that are based on how you use Google technologies. If you travel between work and home often, for example, Glass creates a new timeline card with a map automatically; this map shows you the fastest route ...

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