Chapter 2

Getting Started with Google+

In This Chapter

arrow Creating a Google+ account

arrow Understanding circles

arrow Learning the etiquette

Before you can build a marketing strategy, you have to be familiar with the tools. That familiarity starts with creating or enabling your Google+ profile, and increases as you get comfortable using it.

tip.eps The interface for Google+ changes frequently. Much of this is par for the course in writing about any social network. However, if you’re lost because the interface or sounds have changed, wander over to this book’s Google+ page at, or ask me via my profile at Overall, the concepts in this chapter should remain the same.

Accounting You In

If you haven’t already — over 200 million people have, according to Google — create a Google account and set up your Google profile. (I don’t add the + next to the word Google in the phrase Google profile. This profile is on every Google site and refers to it as your personal profile.)

The future of Google+ is Google, so your Google+ activity will follow ...

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