Chapter 5

Outlining Your Strategy and Your Audience

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing how Google+ fits with other social networks

arrow Understanding what tools are available

arrow Adapting your existing audience to Google+

arrow Finding new audiences on Google+

When you get going with Google+, spend some time strategizing. How will you use the service? What are your goals? What are you trying to achieve? Does Google+ fit into that strategy? If so, how are you going to accomplish your goal with Google+?

Probably you already have a social media strategy for other social networks. Maybe you use specific tools for managing your presence. It’s no less important to know what’s available for Google+, and how to adapt your strategy for the network (if you need to change it at all).

In this chapter, I show you what tools are available, how to work Google+ into your existing strategy, and how you can create a new strategy that works well within Google+.

Strategizing for Social Media

Maybe you would like to improve customer service. Perhaps you need better promotion of a particular product. Maybe you’re looking for more ...

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