Chapter 7

Building a Search Strategy

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding Google+’s place in search

arrow Learning Google Search Plus Your World

arrow Optimizing the Google+ experience for search

Search is at the heart of everything Google does. It’s the company’s crown jewel. Google started with search, and it’s what they do best.

Many may agree with me that Google is no longer a search company, but look at what has made them a favorite for many:

check.png Gmail is popular because you don’t need folders to find old e-mail — you just search for it.

check.png Google Reader became popular because it was a great way to archive old news and find it again later — through search.

check.png Google Contacts is one of the best ways to search through large contact lists.

Google+ succeeds, and will continue to succeed, because search is at the heart of the experience. The greatest value you get out of Google+ happens because of search both ...

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