Chapter 8

Focusing on Real People and Relationships

In This Chapter

arrow Learning to build relationships

arrow Finding ways to serve

arrow Opening up to your audience

As I contemplated the content for this book, I realized that a social networking topic needed a look at what has brought me a lot of success over the years: a focus on relationships. Google+ is so thoroughly about people that relationships are especially critical there.

Entire books — lots of them — are devoted to the interpersonal topics I cover in this chapter. I’ll do my best to squeeze what I know into about 12 pages, and with any luck, you can apply this information productively to your own efforts. Most importantly, marketing is about relationships; it can become a robotic chore if you aren’t invested enough in it. With social media marketing, make sure you don’t forget the “social” part of your job — as a marketer, you grow your audience that way.

Winning Friends and Influencing Profiles

The age-old methods of building relationships have not disappeared just because so much social interaction happens in virtual reality now. Always remember that social networks are not destinations, nor are they a replacement for reality. Social ...

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