Chapter 9

Utilizing Hangouts to Share Your Brand

In This Chapter

arrow Getting the hang of Google+ Hangouts

arrow Building an approach to using Hangouts for business

arrow Studying examples of successful Hangouts

One of the most useful parts of Google+ is a simple tool that many companies charge hundreds of dollars a month for others to use to communicate. Google does it for free on its public site for consumers — and also free as a feature of Google Apps for businesses. The tool is video chat, in this case allowing up to ten Google+ users at a time (and an unlimited number of people watching if you choose the On Air option) to chat via webcam or video together. This simple method of communication has brought many people together, face to face, who would never have met otherwise. And where you find people sharing interests and getting to know each other — in real life or in cyberspace — there you find opportunities as a marketer.

Exploring Google+ Hangouts

In essence, Google+ Hangouts offer a consistent, attractive online space where you can connect with people you know — and build relationships with people you don’t yet know — in a way that text and chat just can’t accomplish. Google+ Hangouts have ...

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