Chapter 11

Building Relationships Through Google CRM

In This Chapter

arrow Getting a handle on how Google+ integrates with CRM

arrow Figuring out where to integrate with CRM

arrow Adding Google Apps to your Google+ CRM strategy

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM as it’s usually called, can be one of your greatest tools as a marketer for making contact with customers, keeping their interest, and knowing how best to help them. If you’re in sales, CRM helps you close the deal by knowing previous contact you had with each customer. If you’re in customer support, CRM help you better solve customers’ problems by providing a record of what’s been done to address those problems.

Whatever your position, it’s always helpful to know as much as you can about each customer you work with, as well as each individual you’re talking to. That’s where CRM comes in — and Google+ can make the process of getting to know those you interact with much easier.

Seeing Google+ As a Giant CRM Tool

Google+ is much more than just Google+ is just a social layer that spans across all Google products. It helps you build relationships with your customers and those you interact with.

For openers, as you interact ...

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