Chapter 12

Building Website Authority

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying your website

arrow Identifying individuals on your website

arrow Improving your search results

I say it throughout this book, and here it comes again: Google+ is about people — which makes it a powerful tool for improving your authority and authenticity on the web. Using Google+ provides this boon for your company, for the people who build your brand, and for your brand as a market presence. This means better search rankings, more trust from your users, and a much larger audience.

In this chapter, I show you how you can build your brand’s online authority using Google+ — and why that’s important. My hope is that you’ll be able to grow both your personal and business brand as a result, and in the end you’ll have a lock on why Google+ is such a powerful platform.

Bringing Identity to Your Website Through Google+

Building authority on the web is, at heart, creating a reliable, trusted, widely recognized identity for yourself and your brand. For people to trust you, they have to know what your brand is, that it’s real, and that it’s produced and supported by the efforts of real people. Several elements of Google+, especially when ...

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