Chapter 13

Measuring Google+ Activity

In This Chapter

arrow Getting a perspective on your data with Google Analytics

arrow Measuring your ads

Any good marketer knows that measurement is core of an effective strategy — and that’s especially true on Google+. Knowing not only the number of comments and +1s on your posts, but also how those posts actually perform in click-throughs to your site and conversions in sales will make you stand out from your competition.

You can’t really say for sure that you’re fully successful until you’ve measured and proven the success that you’re trying to achieve. In the end, as marketers, we’re all marketplace scientists: We have to come to a conclusion in our experiments, using reliable measurements. In this chapter, I show you some techniques you can use to measure the success of your Google+ strategy and prove to the top brass (even if the bigwig exec in your business is you) that your campaigns are working. As you read here, I also recommend you visit Chapter 12 for a refresher on the use of Webmaster Tools to measure the integration of Google+ on your website.

Using Google Analytics to Measure Google+ Activity

Google provides a powerful free tool that all webmasters can use to track the success of their web activity: Google Analytics. It’s so powerful that ...

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