Chapter 39. Exploring the Future of Google

<feature><title>In This Chapter</title>
  • Learning how to enhance your Web site using Google Maps, Webmaster tools, and the Google AJAX Search code

  • Reaching Google users by creating clever Google Gadgets and by enhancing the Google Toolbar with your custom button

  • Integrating Google into your Web and desktop applications

  • Searching through public Open Source code to find useful code for your applications


Number 10 of Google’s “Ten things Google has found to be true” is “Great just isn’t good enough.” If that’s not incentive enough to drive innovation, nothing is. Google’s goal of building a better search engine led it to learn, listen, and pay attention to the user. And from that, to innovate. The folks at Google have come a long way since building the best search engine, and Google innovation now includes communications in the form of e-mail, chatting, and blogging; entertainment like Google Videos, News, Mapping, and Web publishing; and office automation tools such as Google Docs. I would be remiss in leaving out everyone’s favorite, Google Earth.

Part of the Google goal of not being evil sets the tone and direction for its software development and interaction with users. This chapter explores some of the ways Google works with software developers and partner companies to continue innovation. This chapter introduces many of the Google programming technologies that allow you to integrate your Web site or Internet-ready application with ...

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