Chapter 11. Adding Text

Adding text to a drawing is a helpful way to add information such as the scene's title, callouts, and dimensions. SketchUp includes a couple of ways to add text to a scene. Using the Text tool, you can add Leader text, which points to a specific location and is used to identify dimensions. The Text tool can also add Screen text for titles and labels.

If you want to extrude text to give it a 3-D look, you can use the 3D Text tool. This tool creates text that can be manipulated just like other objects using the transform tools.

After text is added to the scene using either the Text tool or the 3D Text tool, you can edit the text, and change its font, size, color, and position.

Creating 2-D Text

There are actually two types of 2-D text in SketchUp: Leader text and Screen text. Leader text has an arrow that points to an object and is used to identify positions or dimensions for scene objects. Screen text is free-floating text that can be used for titles or information.

Creating Leader text

Leader text is created with the Text tool. You can select the Text tool from the Construction Toolbar or by choosing Tools

Creating Leader text

If the point where you click is an endpoint, the text label lists the dimension of the point's location. If you click on the center of a face entity, the text label ...

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