Chapter 15. Using Component Libraries

After working with SketchUp for a while, you'll find some drawing parts that you want to reuse in other drawings. SketchUp provides a way to organize and make these reusable parts accessible. Reusable parts are called components, and they are saved in the Components Browser.

As the Components Browser becomes populated with reusable parts, the time needed to create complex scenes is significantly reduced. The key to making components useful is to save them at the right scale that is consistent for all available components.

If you want to look beyond your own set of components, you can access a huge variety of models using the 3D Warehouse. The 3D Warehouse is an external resource of objects made of uploaded models from users around the world.

Using the Components Browser

The Components Browser holds all the preloaded objects that are available for use in your current scene. Choose Window

Using the Components Browser

All components within the Component Browser are divided into categories or collections. The components in the current category are displayed as thumbnails in the browser panel. The default category is the Components Sampler category that is installed with SketchUp, but you can switch between different collections marked as favorites or recently opened collections using ...

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