Chapter 20. Using Styles

When I sketch, I like to use a wet, black ink pen. In fact, I'm so particular about the pen I use that I keep it close by my sketching book at all times. I used to like a pencil with a gummy eraser that enabled me to erase lines and to draw lightly at first, but now I find that the pen gets me to results quicker.

The drawing tool that I use to sketch on paper gives my sketches a specific look that I like with clean, crisp lines. However, if I happen to drag my hand over the wet ink, it smears, which often ruins the drawing.

SketchUp has a way to apply specific styles to the current model that simulate drawing with different types of pens and pencils. These styles are selected and applied from the Styles browser, and happily, they don't ever smear the ink.

Using the Styles Browser

The Styles browser holds all the preloaded styles that are available for use in your current scene. You can open this browser by choosing Window

Using the Styles Browser


You can also create your own custom styles using Style Builder, which is covered in Chapter 21.

All styles within the Styles browser are divided into categories separated into folders. The styles in the current category are displayed as thumbnails. The available categories are displayed when you select the Styles category from ...

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