Chapter 25. Editing LayOut Presentations

The previous chapter presented the LayOut interface and showed how various aspects of the software worked, but it didn't get into actually using the program to create presentations.

Presentations are composed of content. That content can be SketchUp models, images, or text that is imported, or it could be lines, arcs, and shapes drawn in LayOut itself.

The power of LayOut is its ability to combine all these content pieces together into a coherent vision.

Assembling Content

Once you have a document template open and configured, you can begin to assemble the various pieces of content. This content is inserted into LayOut using the File

Assembling Content
  • SketchUp files: Models created in SketchUp can be opened and manipulated within LayOut. SketchUp also includes a File

    Assembling Content
  • Image files: Although the Insert File dialog box just lists images as Raster Images, LayOut recognizes and can insert JPEG, TGA, BMP, and TIFF image files.

  • Plain text files: Plain text files have the .txt extension and they don't include any formatting.

  • RTF text files: RTF stands for Rich-text format and its files are text files that include some basic style formatting. ...

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