Chapter 26. Using SketchUp with Google Earth

What do Google Earth and Google SketchUp have in common? They both are made and distributed by Google, but they share much more than that. Both programs are used to visualize 3-D environments and Google makes it possible to use the two together.

Location images in Google Earth can be imported into SketchUp, and models created in SketchUp can be uploaded and displayed in Google Earth. This synergy enables users around the globe to populate the virtual Earth with 3-D models, and the living online Google Earth is a testimony to this vision.

Installing Google Earth

Before you can retrieve and share models with Google Earth, you need to download and install Google Earth. You can find information about Google Earth at Google Earth is available in three versions:

  • Google Earth: This free version lets you view satellite images, maps, terrain, and uploaded 3-D objects.

  • Google Earth Plus: This version is available for a nominal fee and adds GPS device support, faster performance, the ability to import spreadsheet data, and high-resolution printing.

  • Google Earth Pro: The Pro version includes the ability to print at 4800-pixel resolution and offers many additional features that make it more accessible.

Once downloaded, run the installer and Google ...

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