Google SketchUp Pro Series: SketchUp + CAD, Streaming Video

Video description

This professional-level video is geared to experienced SketchUp users and explores more advanced topics in detail. Professional architects and builders who want to become more efficient and effective at using computer-aided drafting (CAD) and SketchUp together will benefit from this title. Learn the secrets of turning a 2D CAD drawing into a 3D SketchUp model with a minimum of hassle. With topics like importing, scaling, moving, rotating and exporting CAD files, this video contains 2 hours of knowledge that save hours of time working in SketchUp. Anyone who needs to make SketchUp and CAD play nicely together will find this video a worthwhile investment.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction and Welcome 00:00:19
  2. Chapter 2: Exporting Scaled CAD Drawings by Turning Off Perspective in SketchUp 00:01:48
  3. Chapter 3: Exporting Elevations as CAD Drawings After Aligning Elevation Views in SketchUp 00:03:29
  4. Chapter 4: Using SketchUp’s Section Tool to Create Section Slices for Plan or Elevation Files 00:05:52
  5. Chapter 5: Preparing to Export CAD Data from SketchUp with Section Cuts and Display Modes 00:03:57
  6. Chapter 6: Exporting CAD Files from a SketchUp 3D Model 00:01:31
  7. Chapter 7: Setting Import Preferences in SketchUp and Importing CAD Files 00:02:52
  8. Chapter 8: Using SketchUp’s Tape Measure Tool to Set Drawing Units by Resizing a Model 00:03:43
  9. Chapter 9: Rotating and Placing an Imported CAD Plan in SketchUp 00:06:15
  10. Chapter 10: Converting a 2D CAD Plan into a 3D SketchUp Model 00:05:07
  11. Chapter 11: Using Ruby Scripts in SketchUp 00:02:11
  12. Chapter 12: Using the Make Faces Plugin for Surfaces and Faces in SketchUp 00:05:15
  13. Chapter 13: Using the Label Stray Lines and Make Faces Plugins for CAD Cleanup in SketchUp 00:01:06
  14. Chapter 14: Modeling Exterior Walls in SketchUp with the Rectangle, Move, and Push-Pull Tools 00:01:45
  15. Chapter 15: Understanding Layer Management in SketchUp 00:08:05
  16. Chapter 16: Using Information from CAD Plan to Create SketchUp Elements
  17. Chapter 17: Keeping Groups Organized in Different Layers in SketchUp
  18. Chapter 18: Modeling an Accurate Floor, Foundation and Footing in SketchUp
  19. Chapter 19: Using SketchUp’s Pencil Tool for an Accurate Roof Profile and the Follow-Me Tool for Accurate Roof Geometry
  20. Chapter 20: Using SketchUp’s Hide Rest of the Model Command and Setting a Keyboard Shortcut for the Hide Command
  21. Chapter 21: Cleaning Up Extraneous Edges and Surfaces from CAD Files in SketchUp
  22. Chapter 22: Referencing CAD Files for Height and Width Information and a Push-Pull Trick for Multiple Cutouts in SketchUp
  23. Chapter 23: Modeling Quickly in SketchUp by Referencing a CAD Plan and Elevation Drawings
  24. Chapter 24: Making a 3D Model from 2D Drawings in SketchUp
  25. Chapter 25: Using Dynamic Components in SketchUp
  26. Chapter 26: Using Real-World Products from the Google 3D Warehouse in a SketchUp Model
  27. Chapter 27: Specifying Materials for a SketchUp Model Using the Google 3D Warehouse
  28. Chapter 28: Finishing a Design in SketchUp with Components and Materials

Product information

  • Title: Google SketchUp Pro Series: SketchUp + CAD, Streaming Video
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2010
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780132168106