What can we learn from the Google story?

  • The American dream is alive and well. It may flicker, it may fade, it may seem far away, but it still beckons us forward. Anything is possible.

  • A high-quality education system is an important incubator. Thanks to Montessori schools, public schools, great state universities, and Stanford University, the Google guys were able to learn what they needed to know to formulate and develop their ideas. When they arrived at Stanford, they found the knowledge, technology, equipment, and even financing they needed. By then, they were ready for it. Stanford is an excellent example of how a great university can promote science and business innovation, but there are numerous other examples. Both Microsoft and Facebook were launched on Harvard's computers.

  • Don't focus on the money; focus instead on excellent results.

  • Have fun. Others will be more than willing to support you in your work, especially if it is playful and pleasant.

  • Don't be evil—or at least try your best to conduct business in an honest and fair manner. This one isn't easy, but it's a commendable aspiration.

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