When Larry traveled to Stanford for an orientation visit in the spring of 1995, Sergey already was a second-year student. They met on a walking tour of the campus guided by Sergey, and as the story goes, sparks flew. Apparently, they argued about every topic they discussed, which is not surprising, considering their matching levels of self-confidence and Larry's family history of confrontational debate. Each young man considered the other somewhat arrogant and obnoxious, yet the contentious conversation also was engaging. It clearly was interesting to both of them.

Despite their verbal differences, Larry and Sergey walked on common ground. While Sergey is an extrovert and Larry is quieter, they both are playful and a little wacky. They look so much alike they could be brothers, although Sergey more resembles the character Linguini in the Pixar movie, Ratatouille, than Larry does. Both men are sons of college professors, they share a Jewish heritage, and both received a Montessori School education as children.

They each have one sibling, both brothers, although Sergey's brother is younger and Larry's is older. Carl Page Jr. also is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur. In 2000, he sold the company he founded, eGroups, to Yahoo! for $432 million.

Both Larry and Sergey are math whizzes with a towering regard for academic achievement.

Sergey admits he mostly goofed off during much of his education. "I tried so many different things in grade school," ...

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