Chapter 8. Google+ Mobile

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SHARE ON GOOGLE+? Chances are, you want to relate things that happen to you, post photos and videos of neat things you see, and link to stuff you find on the Web. A lot of these things come up while you’re away from your desktop or laptop computer, but you may have an all-in-one camera, computer, screen, and web connection with you nearly all the time: your web-connected cellphone, or smartphone. If you have an Android phone, an iPhone, or most any web-connected device with a decent browser, you can get to your Google+ account from almost anywhere to see what’s happening in your streams, add your own two cents (or two pictures), and even add your location to your posts so people nearby can stop in and say hello.

Google+ looks and feels different on a phone or tablet than on a computer, but it should still feel familiar if you’re used to working with circles, streams, and sharing tools on your desktop or laptop. In some ways, using Google+ on the go can be a bit more fun—more instant gratification, less thinking through which adjective is just perfect for this phrase. You still have tight control over who you share with and how you get notified of new stuff, but everything gets pared down to the essentials. This chapter explains how to Google+ running on our device and how to make the most of it on smaller screens.

Getting Google+ onto Your Phone

NEARLY ANY CELLPHONE OR device with a good web browser can access Google+ whenever there’s an ...

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