Chapter 8. Diving into Extensions: Wave Embed API

As its name implies, the Google Wave Embed API allows developers to easily embed an instance of a wave in a web page. Currently the Wave Embed API is fairly limited in terms of the classes and methods that are available. Thus, the following examples serve to illustrate what can be done with the current versions of the API. However, with a little vision, you can imagine that this API will eventually become more sophisticated as it matures.

As we’ve done with the previous chapters on APIs, the first half of this chapter provides code samples for the Wave Embed API, while the second half provides additional details about the API.

Let’s Embed a Few Waves

In similar fashion to the preceding chapters, we’ll use several examples to familiarize you with various facets of the Google Wave Embed API. The examples also will give you a better feel for the different ways in which the API can be used.

Enabling the Google Wave Toolbar in an Embedded Wave

We’ll start with an example that showcases the Google Wave toolbar, an element that can be included in embedded waves to provide some of the basic functionality found in the Google Wave Client. The toolbar is a work in progress, ...

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