Googlepedia: The Ultimate Google Resource, Third Edition

Book description

Googlepedia® Third Edition

The all-encompassing book about everything Google. Not only will you learn advanced search techniques, but you also will learn how to master Google’s web and software tools. It’s all inside!

Google Chrome

Google’s new web browser

Google Gadgets

create your own gadgets

Google Gears

turn web applications into desktop applications


use Google’s phone


create your own personal blog


Google’s web-based email service

Google Web Search

the most popular search on the Internet

Google AdSense

put profit-making ads on their own website

Google AdWords

buy keyword advertising on the Google site

Google Product Search

find hot deals without ever leaving your office chair

Google Calendar

a web-based scheduling and public calendar service

Google Desktop

search documents and emails on your PC’s hard drive

Google Docs

create and share web-based word processing and spreadsheet documents

Google Earth

a fun way to view 3D maps of any location on Earth


view and share videos over the Web

Google Groups

a collection of user-created message forums

Google Maps

maps, satellite images, and driving directions for any location


•    Use Google developer tools and APIs

     •    Create MySpace and Facebook applications with OpenSocial

     •    Use Google Gears to turn web-based applications into desktop applications

     •    Use Google to search for news headlines, scholarly articles, and the best prices on the Web

     •    Read and respond to blog postings and create your own blogs with Blogger

     •    View the latest viral videos with YouTube

     •    Use Android, the new Google phone

     •    Use Google with the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

     •    Create maps and driving directions with Google Maps

     •    Use Google’s free web-based email service Gmail

     •    Create your own custom Google Maps mashups–and put customized Google search on your own website

Michael Miller has written more than 80 nonfiction how-to books, including Que’s Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Computer Basics, YouTube for Business, and Photopedia: The Ultimate Digital Photography Resource.

Category: Internet

Covers: Google

User Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. I. Getting to Know Google
    1. 1. Inside Google
      1. Getting to Know Google, Inc.
      2. How Google Works
      3. How Google Ranks Its Results
      4. The Bottom Line
    2. 2. Google Labs: How Google Develops New Applications
      1. Projects That Started in the Labs
      2. What’s Cooking in Google Labs Today
      3. The Bottom Line
    3. 3. Creating a Personalized Home Page with iGoogle
      1. Welcome to iGoogle
      2. Adding Content to iGoogle
      3. Adding RSS Feeds
      4. Customizing Individual Gadgets
      5. Removing Gadgets
      6. Rearranging Gadgets on the Page
      7. Adding New Tabs to iGoogle
      8. Customizing the Look of iGoogle with Themes
      9. Your Final iGoogle Page
      10. Creating Your Own iGoogle Gadgets
      11. The Bottom Line
    4. 4. Creating a Custom Workspace with Google Desktop
      1. Welcome to the Google Desktop
      2. Searching Your Hard Disk
      3. Searching Within Microsoft Outlook
      4. Searching Other Computers on Your Network
      5. Searching the Web from Google Desktop
      6. Using the Google Desktop Sidebar
      7. The Bottom Line
    5. 5. Using the Google Toolbar
      1. Getting to Know the Google Toolbar
      2. Using the Google Toolbar’s Default Buttons
      3. Adding and Removing Buttons on the Google Toolbar
      4. Other Ways to Search Google from Your Web Browser
      5. The Bottom Line
  7. II. Searching with Google
    1. 6. Getting the Most Out of Google Search
      1. Conducting a Basic Search
      2. Conducting a More Refined Search
      3. Using the Advanced Search Page
      4. Narrowing Your Search Results with URL Parameters
      5. Setting Google Search Preferences
      6. Tips for More Effective Searches
      7. The Bottom Line
    2. 7. Saving Your Searches—and Signing Up for Google Alerts
      1. Saving Your Notes with Google Notebook
      2. Keeping Updated with Google Alerts
      3. The Bottom Line
    3. 8. Using the Google Directory and Google Knol
      1. What the Google Directory Is—and What It Isn’t
      2. Navigating the Google Directory
      3. Getting Expert Results from Google Knol
      4. The Bottom Line
    4. 9. Searching for Products—and Bargains
      1. Comparing Prices with Google Product Search
      2. Buying and Selling Online with Google Base
      3. The Bottom Line
    5. 10. Searching for Blogs and Blog Postings
      1. How Google Blog Search Works
      2. How to List Your Blog with Google Blog Search
      3. Searching for Blogs—and Blog Posts
      4. Fine-Tuning Your Blog Search Query
      5. Subscribing to Blog Search Results
      6. The Bottom Line
    6. 11. Searching Books and Libraries
      1. The Story Behind Google Book Search
      2. Searching—and Viewing—Book Content
      3. The Bottom Line
    7. 12. Searching for Scholarly Information
      1. How Google Scholar Works
      2. Understanding Google Scholar Search Results
      3. Searching Google Scholar
      4. Linking to Information at Your Library
      5. Expanding Google Scholar
      6. The Bottom Line
    8. 13. Searching for Specialty Information
      1. Searching for People and Phone Numbers
      2. Searching for Words and Definitions
      3. Searching for Facts
      4. Searching for Weather Information
      5. Searching for Travel Information
      6. Searching for Numbers
      7. Searching a University Site
      8. Searching for Technology Information
      9. Searching for Government Information
      10. Searching for Solutions
      11. The Bottom Line
  8. III. Communicating with Google
    1. 14. Sending and Receiving Email with Gmail
      1. What Makes Gmail Unique
      2. Signing Up (It’s Free!)
      3. Getting to Know the Gmail Interface
      4. Sending and Receiving Email
      5. Searching Your Inbox
      6. Other Ways of Organizing Your Email Messages
      7. Filtering Incoming Mail
      8. Dealing with Spam and Viruses
      9. Working with Contacts
      10. Using Gmail with Other Email Programs and Accounts
      11. Putting Gmail into Vacation Mode
      12. Adding a Signature to Your Messages
      13. Gmail in iGoogle
      14. The Bottom Line
    2. 15. Instant Messaging with Google Talk
      1. Chatting with Google Talk
      2. Chatting from iGoogle
      3. Chatting via Gmail
      4. The Bottom Line
    3. 16. Forming Communities with Google Groups
      1. The History of Google Groups
      2. Searching the Newsgroups
      3. Participating in Google Groups
      4. Creating Your Own Google Group
      5. The Bottom Line
    4. 17. Chat in Virtual Worlds with Lively
      1. What Is Lively?
      2. Getting to Know the Lively World
      3. Designing Your Avatar
      4. Chatting with Other Users
      5. Creating Your Own Virtual Rooms
      6. The Bottom Line
    5. 18. Blogging with Blogger
      1. Creating a Blog
      2. Viewing Your Blog
      3. Customizing Your Blog
      4. Posting New Blog Entries
      5. Managing Your Blog
      6. Syndicating Your Blog
      7. Making Money from Your Blog
      8. Changing Where Your Blog Is Hosted
      9. The Bottom Line
  9. IV. Working with Google Applications
    1. 19. Using Google Docs
      1. Introducing Google Docs
      2. Navigating Google Docs
      3. Creating New Documents
      4. Importing Microsoft Office Documents
      5. Using Google Docs for Word Processing
      6. Sharing and Collaborating
      7. Publishing Your Document
      8. Working Offline
      9. The Bottom Line
    2. 20. Using Google Spreadsheets
      1. Opening and Saving Spreadsheets
      2. Getting to Know the Google Spreadsheets Workspace
      3. Entering and Editing Data
      4. Working with Ranges
      5. Sorting Data
      6. Formatting Spreadsheet Data
      7. Entering Formulas
      8. Using Functions
      9. Charting Your Data
      10. Printing Google Spreadsheets
      11. Expanding Functionality with Gadgets
      12. Sharing and Collaborating—and Working Offline
      13. The Bottom Line
    3. 21. Using Google Presentations
      1. Creating and Saving Presentations
      2. Getting to Know the Google Presentations Workspace
      3. Managing the Slides in Your Presentation
      4. Changing the Look and Feel of Your Presentation with Themes
      5. Working with Text and Graphics
      6. Animating Elements on a Slide
      7. Printing Handouts and Speaker Notes
      8. Giving Live Presentations
      9. The Bottom Line
    4. 22. Using Google Calendar
      1. All About Google Calendar
      2. Setting Up Your Google Calendar
      3. Viewing Your Calendar
      4. Working with Events
      5. The Bottom Line
    5. 23. Using Google Reader
      1. Reading Blog Postings
      2. Subscribing to Feeds
      3. Managing Your Subscriptions
      4. The Bottom Line
  10. V. Viewing Images and Videos
    1. 24. Searching for Pictures with Google Images
      1. Searching for Images
      2. Viewing Image Search Results
      3. Saving and Printing Images
      4. Filtering Out Dirty Pictures
      5. Removing Your Images from Image Search
      6. The Bottom Line
    2. 25. Using Picasa and Picasa Web Albums
      1. Installing and Configuring the Program
      2. Getting to Know the Picasa Desktop
      3. Organizing Your Photos
      4. Fixing Common Photo Problems
      5. Saving Your Changes
      6. Printing and Sharing Your Photos
      7. Sharing Your Photos with Picasa Web Albums
      8. The Bottom Line
    3. 26. Viewing and Uploading Videos with YouTube
      1. Welcome to YouTube
      2. Exploring—and Joining—the YouTube Site
      3. Finding Videos on YouTube
      4. Watching YouTube Videos
      5. Saving Your Favorite YouTube Videos
      6. Sharing YouTube Videos
      7. Downloading YouTube Videos
      8. Viewing YouTube Videos on Your Cell Phone
      9. Adding YouTube Videos to Your Website or Blog
      10. Uploading Videos to YouTube
      11. The Bottom Line
  11. VI. Working with Google Maps
    1. 27. Finding Your Way with Google Maps
      1. Introducing Google Maps
      2. Searching for Maps
      3. Navigating a Google Map
      4. Displaying Satellite Images
      5. Viewing Live Traffic Conditions
      6. Sharing Maps
      7. Displaying Driving Directions
      8. Finding Nearby Businesses
      9. The Bottom Line
    2. 28. Creating Google Map Mashups
      1. Creating Simple Mashups with My Maps
      2. Creating Complex Mashups with the Google Maps API
      3. The Bottom Line
    3. 29. Getting the Big Picture with Google Earth
      1. Which Version Is for You?
      2. Introducing Google Earth
      3. Navigating Google Earth
      4. Taking a Quick Tour of Google Earth
      5. Making Google Earth More Three-Dimensional
      6. Configuring View Options
      7. Saving and Printing a View
      8. Searching for Locations to View
      9. Displaying Driving Directions
      10. Displaying and Using Layers
      11. Displaying Places of Interest
      12. Creating Custom Placemarks
      13. Flying Google Earth’s Flight Simulator
      14. Stargazing with Google Sky
      15. The Bottom Line
  12. VII. Using Other Google Services
    1. 30. Keeping Up-to-Date with Google News
      1. Viewing the Latest Headlines and Stories
      2. Viewing International News
      3. Personalizing Google News
      4. Searching for News Articles
      5. Searching the News Archive
      6. Reading Google News Feeds
      7. Signing Up for News Alerts
      8. Getting News on the Go
      9. The Bottom Line
    2. 31. Searching for Financial Information
      1. Accessing General Financial Information
      2. Accessing Specific Stock and Company Information
      3. Viewing Interactive Financial Charts
      4. Tracking Your Portfolio
      5. Using Google’s Stock Screener
      6. Discussing Finances in Google Finance Groups
      7. The Bottom Line
    3. 32. Organizing Patient Records with Google Health
      1. What Is Google Health?
      2. Creating Your Health Profile
      3. Viewing Your Medical History
      4. Learn More About Health Topics
      5. Search for Doctors and Hospitals
      6. The Bottom Line
    4. 33. Selling Products and Services with Google Checkout
      1. Buying and Selling Electronically: How Online Payment Services Work
      2. Tracking a Typical Transaction
      3. Getting to Know Google Checkout
      4. Buying Items with Google Checkout
      5. Selling Items with Google Checkout
      6. The Bottom Line
    5. 34. Creating Web Pages with Google Sites
      1. Understanding Google Sites
      2. Creating Your First Web Page
      3. Collaborating with Google Sites
      4. The Bottom Line
  13. VIII. Using Google on the Go
    1. 35. Using Google on Any Mobile Phone
      1. Signing Up for Google Mobile
      2. Searching Google on the Go
      3. Using Google Maps on Your Mobile Phone
      4. Reading Google News on Your Mobile Phone
      5. Sending and Receiving Gmail on Your Mobile Phone
      6. Viewing Google Calendars on Your Mobile Phone
      7. Creating Mobile Blog Posts
      8. Personalizing Your Google Mobile Search Page
      9. Additional Google Mobile Features
      10. Search for More Information via Google Text Messaging
      11. Using Google for Directory Service
      12. The Bottom Line
    2. 36. Using Google on the iPhone and iPod Touch
      1. Downloading Google’s iPhone Apps
      2. Evaluating Google’s iPhone Apps
      3. The Bottom Line
    3. 37. The Google Phone: Understanding Android
      1. What Is Android?
      2. Examining the HTC Dream: The First Google Phone
      3. The Bottom Line
  14. IX. Making Money with Google
    1. 38. Optimizing Your Site for Google Search
      1. How to Submit Your Site to the Google Index—The Easy Way
      2. How to Remove Your Site from the Google Index
      3. How to Submit a Complete Sitemap
      4. How to Optimize Your Site’s Ranking
      5. How Not to Optimize Your Site’s Ranking
      6. The Bottom Line
    2. 39. Advertising with Google AdWords
      1. How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Works
      2. Determining Your AdWords Costs—And Choosing a Payment Option
      3. Creating an AdWords Ad
      4. Monitoring Your Ads’ Performance
      5. The Bottom Line
    3. 40. Profiting from Google AdSense
      1. Adding Advertising to Your Website with Google AdSense
      2. How Much Money Can You Make?
      3. Making AdSense Work for You
      4. Monitoring Your AdSense Performance
      5. Ten Tips for Improving Your AdSense Earnings
      6. The Bottom Line
  15. X. Google for Web Developers
    1. 41. Adding Google to Any Website
      1. Adding Google Free WebSearch
      2. Adding a Custom Search Engine to Your Site
      3. The Bottom Line
    2. 42. Analyzing Your Website Traffic
      1. Using Google’s Webmaster Tools
      2. Using Google Analytics
      3. The Bottom Line
    3. 43. Using Google’s APIs and Developer’s Tools
      1. Understanding Google’s APIs
      2. Types of Google-Based Applications
      3. Developing Your Own Google-Based Applications
      4. Developing with the Google App Engine
      5. The Bottom Line
    4. 44. Creating Google Gadgets
      1. Understanding Google Gadgets
      2. Getting to Know Google’s Gadgets APIs
      3. Creating a Google Gadget: Basic Steps
      4. Using the Google Gadget Editor
      5. Writing Gadget Code
      6. The Bottom Line
    5. 45. Creating Social Applications with OpenSocial
      1. Understanding the OpenSocial API
      2. Examining OpenSocial Compatibility
      3. Developing with the OpenSocial API
      4. The Bottom Line
    6. 46. Using Google Gears
      1. Why Do You Need Gears?
      2. How Does Google Gears Work?
      3. Developing Gears-Enabled Applications
      4. The Bottom Line
  16. XI. Appendixes
    1. A. Google’s Site Directory
    2. B. Google’s Advanced Search Operators
    3. C. Introducing Google Chrome
  17. Index

Product information

  • Title: Googlepedia: The Ultimate Google Resource, Third Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2008
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780768686746