Chapter 5

Understanding Effective Camera Techniques

In This Chapter

arrow Focusing on the camera’s fundamentals

arrow Shooting effectively

The camera’s size is the first thing that lets you know that making a movie with a GoPro is very different from using any other camera. After all, not many serious cameras resemble an accessory for your niece’s favorite American Girl doll. But don’t judge a book by its cover or a camera by its proportions. This formidable camera holds its own despite its diminutive appearance.

Regardless of your expertise in making movies or taking photographs, getting the most out of your GoPro requires a fresh approach, because GoPro shooting is a novel experience. You have limited control of exposure, focus, and focal length, for example, which makes it important to find the best places to mount the camera and compose the scene effectively.

In this chapter, I show you how to devote your time and energy to making a great GoPro movie.

Nailing GoPro Fundamentals

Proper planning is the key to success with a GoPro. It takes a few extra moments to make sure that the composition, color, and light are all right for the shot, but staying aware of how you capture each scene strengthens ...

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