Chapter 6

Framing the Shot

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the elements of visual style

arrow Composing the scene

arrow Putting the camera in the perfect place

arrow Using the GoPro App while you shoot

arrow Giving yourself options

Great films are built on the creative use of visual elements such as composition, camera angle, color, and lighting. The GoPro adds its own perspective to the mix, thanks to its fixed wide-angle view and its capability to go almost anyplace.

Although the GoPro is a relatively new concept, shooting with an ultra-wide-angle lens is not. Some professional directors rely on it for an occasional shot; others swear by it. Terry Gilliam (director and founding member of the British sketch-comedy group Monty Python) shoots nearly all of his films with a rectilinear wide-angle lens, which gives his films a unique look.

What Gilliam does is what we’re all looking to do: differentiating ourselves ...

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