Chapter 8

Of Sound Movie and Body

In This Chapter

arrow Breaking down microphone types

arrow Avoiding audio pitfalls

arrow Monitoring your audio

If you showed a group of viewers two movie clips — one a high-definition (HD) video with slightly distorted audio quality and the other a standard-definition (SD) video with clear sound — and asked them which video is better quality, chances are that they’d pick the SD version. That’s because the better your movie sounds, the more an audience will appreciate it.

Sound completes the sensory experience of a film, so always make sure that your movies sound great. That’s easier said than done with the GoPro, though, because it doesn’t always capture sound effectively. Maybe you didn’t place it in the right location to capture the right sounds, or perhaps the limitations of the built-in microphone came back to haunt you. Lots of things can make audio capture on a GoPro less than perfect.

Although the GoPro can’t handle every audio situation out of the box, a wide range of accessories can help you capture superior sound.

Capturing Sound on the Scene

The GoPro ...

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