Chapter 3

Getting through GoPro Boot Camp


check Understanding the lens

check Taking advantage of Protune

check Shooting time-lapse video

check Playing with other effects

If you buy a GoPro camera and expect to use it the way you do a video camcorder or a point-and-shoot camera, you quickly find out that this camera doesn’t respond well to convention. It’s like a beat poet speaking at a 19th-century French literature seminar: Much will get lost in translation. Yet footage captured on a GoPro has been used in all sorts of conventional capacities, from feature films and television shows to sports and news coverage. You just have to understand that it behaves differently from the cameras you’re used to using. Sometimes, success begins with putting everything you know on the back burner.

Before you can shoot successfully with your GoPro, however, you have to know how it works. In this chapter, I show you the fundamentals of working with a GoPro.

Viewing the Lens

If you were playing the “obvious game,” the first thing you might say about the GoPro is that the lens is wide (see Figure 3-1). Really ...

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