Chapter 6

Shooting Fun Stuff with Your GoPro


check Wearing your GoPro well

check Capturing thrills at the amusement park

check Shooting action of your favorite sports

check Making your own action

check Flying a drone

Once upon a time, those edge-of-your seat extreme action scenes were best left to the professionals. Compelling, yet risky situations like base jumping, extreme biking, or shooting from a high-speed roller coaster required a certain skillset for capture — with a good part of that skillset being the ability to keep yourself out of a body cast. Even slightly less intense action like mountain biking or skateboarding posed a potential threat to your physical safety, not to mention the equipment. Adventurous shooters often left behind a trail of smashed cameras, shattered lenses, and broken dreams.

GoPro changed the game, allowing you to capture thrilling situations while keeping you and the camera safer. With the right flair, you can introduce excitement to your movies and photos, without ...

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