Chapter 9

Equipping Your Edit Station


check Choosing a computer platform

check Knowing your workstation requirements

check Adding extra equipment

check Selecting video editing software

Technology has come so far that “editing suite” often refers to your table of choice at your favorite coffee place with your laptop computer. You can literally put a movie together with headphones on while sipping your latte. You can sip a cappuccino when downloading footage from your camera and immediately start editing your movie. All it takes is a machine with enough horsepower — most consumer models have it these days — to run GoPro Studio Edit, or your favorite editing app.

Not all computers are created equal; some are clearly a little more robust when it comes to efficiently handling all that you throw at them. Often that difference comes down to having a faster processor and an abundance of RAM.

Picking a Computer Platform

The rivalry between Macs and PCs used to have the same intensity as debates between Yankees and Mets fans or Ohio State and Michigan followers. Although the sports rivalries are ...

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