ISBN: 978-1-4665-9535-4
9 781466 595354
Computer Game Programming
Programming for Games
and Science
David H. Eberly
GPGPU Programming for Games and Science demonstrates how to achieve
robustness, accuracy, speed, and/or easily maintained, reusable, and readable
source code to tackle practical problems in computer science and software
engineering. The book primarily addresses programming on a graphics processing
unit (GPU) while covering some material also relevant to programming on a central
processing unit (CPU). It discusses many concepts of general purpose GPU
(GPGPU) programming and presents several practical examples in game program-
ming and scientific programming.
The author first describes numerical issues that arise when computing with
floating-point arithmetic, including making trade-offs among robustness, accuracy,
and speed. He then shows how single instruction multiple data (SIMD) extensions
work on CPUs. The core of the book focuses on the GPU from the perspective of
Direct3D 11 (D3D11) and the High Level Shading Language (HLSL). The book goes
on to explore practical matters of programming a GPU and discusses vector and
matrix algebra, rotations and quaternions, and coordinate systems. The final
chapter gives several sample GPGPU applications on relatively advanced topics.
Presents SIMD extensions to the CPU as well as a large collection of
approximations for standard mathematics functions
Provides examples of how to draw using a combination of vertex, geometry,
and pixel shaders and how to execute a compute shader
Shows you how to copy data between CPU and GPU and offers guidance
on parallelizing data transfer
Explains how to work with multiple GPUs regarding D3D11 adapter
enumeration and device creation
Discusses IEEE floating-point support on a GPU
Illustrates how to use the Geometric Tools Engine and the resource
types in D3D11, with the source code available on a supporting website
Programming for Games
and Science

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