Across-Satellite Differencing

The attraction of across-satellite differencing relates to the cancelation of receiver clock errors and receiver hardware delays. The technique was applied in Garbor and Nerem (1999) and later refined in Ge et al. (2008). The model functions are again the ionospheric-free carrier base and pseudorange functions, the c06-math-1969 function, and, for convenience, we add the c06-math-1970 function (6.1.49). Assuming satellite 1 as the base satellite, the difference functions are for a general station c06-math-1971:

The superscripts indicate the across-satellite differencing operation. The receiver terms c06-math-1973, c06-math-1974, and c06-math-1975 cancel due to the differencing, i.e., the receiver clock error and the receiver hardware delays cancel. Since is the difference of and according to (6.1.49), the satellite hardware ...

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