Table 7.4.1 Algorithm for Static and Short Baseline RTK

Compute the right-hand side vector c07-math-0434 according to (7.4.16), (7.3.21), and (7.3.22) c07-math-0435c07-math-0436c07-math-0437
Compute the linearized measurements matrix c07-math-0438 according to (7.4.15), (7.3.38), (7.3.20), and (7.3.15) c07-math-0439c07-math-0440
Compute the vector c07-math-0441 c07-math-0442
Square root of diagonal covariance matrix according to (7.4.18) c07-math-0443
Weighing c07-math-0444
Compute the residual vector
Compute the projection ...

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