Commonly Used GNSS Abbreviations

ARNS Aeronautical Radio Navigation Service
ARP Antenna reference point
AS Antispoofing
ASK Amplitude shift keying
B1 B1 Beidou carrier (1561.098 MHZ)
B2 B2 Beidou carrier (1207.14 MHz)
B3 B3 Beidou carrier (1268.52MHz)
BOC Binary offset carrier
BPSK Binary phase shift keying
C/A-code Coarse/acquisition code (1.023 MHz)
CDMA Code division multiple access
CIO Celestial intermediary origin
CCRF Conventional celestial reference frame
CEP Celestial ephemeris pole
CORS Continuously operating reference stations
CTP Conventional terrestrial pole
CTRS Conventional terrestrial reference system
DGPS Differential GPS
DOD Department of Defense
DOP Dilution of precision
DOY Day of year
E6 E6 Galileo carrier (1278.75 MHz)
ECEF Earth-centered earth-fixed coordinate system
EOP Earth orientation parameter
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FBSR Feedback shift register
FDMA Frequency division multiple access
FSK Frequency shift keying
FOC Full operational capability
GAST Greenwich apparent sidereal time
GDOP Geometric dilution of precision
GEO Geostationary earth orbit
GIF Geometry-free and ionospheric-free solution
GIM Global ionospheric model
GLONASS Global'naya Navigatsionnaya Sputnikkovaya Sistema
GNSS Global navigation satellite system
GML Gauss midlatitude functions
GMST Greenwich mean sidereal time
GPS Global positioning system
GPSIC GPS Information Center
GPST ...

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