Chapter 1

Grant Writing 101

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing and showing what you plan to do with the funds

arrow Seeking grants from public and private sector sources

arrow Meeting all the requirements of a grant application

arrow Keeping an eye — and software — on the progress of your applications

arrow Dealing with acceptance and rejection

It often seems as if everyone wants a grant nowadays, but is everyone eligible for a grant award? With so much misleading information floating around out there, the answer isn’t clear. I’m here to dispel the myths and lay out the basics for you in black and white.

In this chapter, I get you familiar with the essential terminology and set the record straight on how to prepare for grant seeking and planning before you jump into the writing process.

Getting Up to Speed on Grant-Seeking Basics

Before leaving the grant-seeking starting gate without a seat belt or harness, I want to set the record straight about what a grant is, the many different types of grants, who awards grants, ...

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