Chapter 15

Presenting the Program Design Section: The Core of Your Application

In This Chapter

arrow Starting out with a purpose statement

arrow Documenting your goals, objectives, and implementation plans

arrow Developing a Logic Model to connect the dots

arrow Proving accountability with an evaluation plan

The program design section of the grant application narrative is by far the most important narrative section in your grant proposal. It’s the section that divides the “I don’t have a clue” grant writers from the “I have this in the bag” grant writers. The coaching and examples in this chapter show you how to write an award-winning program design section that’s all about your vision — as in the positive changes you’ll bring about when you win that grant award!

Surveying the Components of a Good Program Design Section

The program design section is where you roll out all the promising details about what will happen when the bucks are in place to actually create, implement, and evaluate your grant-funded program. It’s sort of like a road map that shows the funder how your project will be implemented.

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