Chapter 2. See Your Customers and Business Better: 360 Graphs

This chapter will employ some real-world use cases to illustrate two of the six graph powers that we discussed in the previous change: connecting the dots and the 360 view. The 360 view offered by graphs help enterprises and agencies see their data more comprehensively, which in turn enables better analytics. In the first use case, we build a Customer 360 graph to enable a company to track and understand pre-sales customer journeys. In the second case, we build a Drug Interaction 360 graph so researchers can develop safer drug therapies.

After completing this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Define the term C360 and explain its value proposition.

  • Know how to model and analyze customer journeys in a graph.

  • Know how to use graph analytics to count and filter properties and relationships.

  • Set up and run a TigerGraph Cloud Starter Kit using GraphStudio.

  • Read and understand basic GSQL queries.

Case 1: Tracing and Analyzing ...

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