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the abraham lincoln presidential
library and museum foundation
Promoting a Legacy
The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
project was in need of funding. To approach potential
donors, a brochure was created to excite and provide
information about the new endeavor that was to be erected
in downtown Springfield, Illinois. “The total funding needed
for the museum and library is $115 million,” shares creative
director Jim Gobberdiel. “It’s an opportunity for corporate
sponsors to be connected with a project of this caliber. It
will also give everyone an opportunity to have a real look
at Lincoln’s life and legacy.” Because the project was a
massive undertaking, it was important that the brochure
communicate a sense of confidence that the endeavor
would indeed be completed. “The quality and content of the
brochure needed to convince people that this is a doable
objective,” adds Gobberdiel. “The brochure needed to solidify
the idea that the project is really going to happen.” The
distinguished-looking design has several unique touches—
a blind embossed and debossed title seal on the cover, a
custom-designed font called Illinois Palatino, and various
storytelling illustrations.
The historic-looking brochure commences with an overview
of the project and the universal appeal of Lincoln. It continues
by highlighting the economic benefits such a project would
bring to the state of Illinois and the scholarly potential it
would offer the world. “There has been no central museum
to convey and expand upon the legacy of Abraham Lincoln,”
notes Gobberdiel. “Within the brochure, we discuss the
three major components of the project—the museum, the
library, and the tourism center. From there, we talk about
all of the facilities and exhibitions and the multitude of
programs.” The brochure concludes with various funding
options. Inserts, located in the back pocket, are used as a
cost-effective way to present items that would change over
time, like schedules and naming opportunities.
The Abraham Lincoln
Presidential Library and Museum
Foundation is raising funds to
construct a world-class destination
for scholars and the public alike.
Stan Gellman Graphic Design, Inc.
Jim Gobberdiel, Jim Gobberdiel
Barry Tilson
Barry Tilson and
Michael Donovan
BRC Imagination Arts Inc. and Art
Associates Inc. (architectural)
Tom Carnase
John Fundator
ABOVE: The small-format brochure
is produced with a four-page
cover that is doubled over and
pasted to give it strength and
stability. A title seal is both blind
embossed and debossed on Fraser
Passport 80-lb. cover stock to
add texture and presidential
appeal to the piece.
Graphic Design That Works
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Job:12-84823 Title:RP-Graphic Design That Works
175# Dtp:22 Page:237
ABOVE: The interior pages discuss
the overall theme,
Expanding the
. To give the piece a historic
look, each spread is printed on
natural Nekoosa Solutions 100-lb.
text stock in four-color process
plus two PMS colors. The insert
sheets are designed to be separate
as a cost-effective way to update
information without having to
reprint the entire brochure.
What Works
In addition to capturing the look and feel of the Lincoln
era in a clean and sophisticated format, the fundraising
brochure was able to communicate the importance of
preserving the legacy of the former president. The overall
quality and strength of the content helped corporations
feel confident about donating money to this new venture
in Illinois.
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