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appleton coated
Appleton Coated, part of the fine,
specialty, and coated papers
division of Arjo Wiggins
Appleton, is promoting their
Utopia line of paper.
Pat Samata and Greg Samata
Steve Kull
ABOVE: The cover is printed in
four-color process with a matte
film lamination on Utopia
Premium blue white gloss 150-lb.
cover stock. The divider pages are
printed in four-color plus an over-
all satin varnish.
Creative Exploration
“We didn’t want Appleton Coated to be just another
paper company,” offers creative director Greg Samata.
“The whole idea behind the concept
Look at U
was that
we wanted people to look at themselves and think of
Utopia as the medium for their creative output. We
wanted people to see that they could do just about
anything on this paper. We were trying to raise the
perception of the brand and the product.”
To show the creative potential of this product line,
several well-known designers, who also use the product,
were asked to create a mask that best communicated
their individuality. “We wanted them to create a mask
where they look inside themselves and reflect what they
are as creative people,” adds Samata. “The idea was to
get them to explore who they really are.” Each designer
was photographed in a black suit wearing his or her
own mask creation. After the masks were shot, details of
each were selected digitally and interestingly recomposed
in a gridlike pattern onto the cover and in various other
Graphic Design That Works
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Job:12-84823 Title:RP-Graphic Design That Works (LDW)
175# Dtp:120/163 Page:199
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ABOVE: The masks, created by
several well-known designers,
are used to communicate the
creative potential of the
product line.
places within the book. “We wanted something that
would give us a way to combine all of these thoughts
and ideas subconsciously,” says Samata. “It served as
a thematic tapestry and a background for the messages.”
The highly textural masks also helped to show the
high printing quality of the paper. Throughout the
book, several papers under the Utopia line were
easily recognizable and accessible through brightly
colored dividers. The spiral-bound swatch book was
distributed to designers, advertising agencies,
printers, and paper merchants along with a poster
that utilized the same visuals. The masks were such
a hit that they were also used in a national
advertising campaign.
What Works
The Utopia brand—seen as smart, witty, and fun—is
communicated well in this very imaginative and
creative product brochure. By integrating the creativity
of designers with the paper product, the design team
was able to make a connection between the two. “With
all the consolidations and the closings, we are in one
of the worst paper markets. Yet, Appleton has been
incredibly successful,” acknowledges Samata.
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