innovative promotions that work
Lisa L. Cyr is an artist, author, and national lecturer. Her clients include advertising
agencies, design fi rms, and publishers. She speaks actively about successful promotional
strategies, marketing opportunities, and entrepreneurial endeavors at professional orga-
nizations, universities, and industry conferences and events. In addition to her speaking
engagements, Cyr writes for many of the industry trade publications including Com-
munication Arts, Step Inside Design, HOW, ID, Alt Pick, Applied Arts, and others. Her
articles range from revealing issues that face the industry to featuring top talent in the
business. Her recent books, The Art of Promotion, Brochure Design That Works, and
Graphic Design That Works, feature top national and international promotional work
with sidebars that go beyond the basics to explore strategic and innovative thinking. A
graduate of Massachusetts College of Art (BFA) and Syracuse University (MA), Cyr has
exhibited her creative work both nationally and internationally. Her work is also in the
permanent collection of the Museum of American Illustration. Cyr is an artist member of
the Society of Illustrators, NYC. She works in partnership with her husband, Christopher
Short, a graphic illustrator and 3D animator. Cyr has designed a traveling lecture titled
Creatively Speaking to accompany this book. Interested organizations and universities can
visit www.cyrstudio.com for more details.
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