Grassroots Grants: An Activist's Guide to Grantseeking, Second Edition

Book description

In the revised second edition of the bestselling guide to grantseeking, author and activist Andy Robinson walks you through the challenges of incorporating grants into a complete fundraising program, using grant proposals as organizing plans, designing fundable projects, building proposals piece by piece, and fostering effective communication with funders who support the activist community. This updated edition keeps pace with the changing times and contains all new budgets and model proposals, interviews with funders from the grassroots community and timely information about grantseeking on the Internet.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. List of Exhibits, Exercises, and Worksheets
  7. Preface
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. The Author
  10. The Contributors
  11. Chapter 1: Up from the Grassroots
    1. The Expanding Philanthropic Sector
    2. A Different Set of Circumstances: Economy, Politics, Technology
    3. Grantmaking: An Experiment in Democracy?
    4. Funders Don't Act the Way They Used to Act
  12. Chapter 2: What Grants Will Get You … and What They Won't
    1. Who's Got the Money?
    2. The Downside: Ten Ways That Grants Can Drive You Crazy
    3. The Upside: Ten Ways That Grants Can Benefit Your Work
    4. How Grants Fit into a Complete Fundraising Strategy
  13. Chapter 3: Why People (and Funders) Give Away Their Money
    1. Who Gets the Money? Criteria for Giving
    2. Foundation Culture
  14. Chapter 4: The Grant Proposal as Organizing Plan
    1. Building the Case for Support
    2. Programs, Projects, and Campaigns
    3. General Support Grants
    4. Designing Fundable Projects: The Grantwriter as Feasibility Tester
    5. Involving Your Coworkers, Your Allies, Your Neighbors
    6. How Much Money? Developing Budgets for Grant-Funded Projects
  15. Chapter 5: Finding Funders
    1. Do Your Homework!
    2. Follow the Guidelines
    3. Phase One: Sleuthing
    4. Phase Two: Using Computer Resources and Web Searches
    5. Phase Three: Doing Library Research
    6. Phase Four: Studying the Current Guidelines
  16. Chapter 6: Building Peer-to-Peer Relationships with Grantmakers
    1. Leveling the Playing Field
    2. Grantmaking: It's a Job
    3. Are We Partners or What? The Value of Honesty
    4. Pick Up the Telephone
    5. Honor the Gatekeepers
    6. How to Meet Grantmakers
    7. Donor-Directed Grants
    8. Letters of Inquiry
    9. Be Professional, Be Patient
  17. Chapter 7: Creating Your Proposal, Piece by Piece
    1. The Value (or Not) of Good Writing
    2. Should You Hire an Outside Grantwriter?
    3. Layout: Creating a Good-Looking Proposal
    4. The Components of a Grant Proposal
  18. Chapter 8: A Tour Through Four Winning Proposals
    1. Urban Garden Resources of Worcester (UGROW)
    2. Hate Free Zone Campaign of Washington
    3. Supportive Parents Information Network (SPIN)
    4. Wildlands Project
  19. Chapter 9: Creative Ways to Leverage Your Grants
    1. Matching and Challenge Grants
    2. In-Kind Donations
    3. Program-Related Investments and Loans
  20. Chapter 10: Successful Grants Administration
    1. Record Keeping and Reporting
    2. Managing Grant Money
    3. The Value of Honesty, Revisited
    4. Your Mother Was Right: The Value of Good Manners
  21. Chapter 11: The Grantseeker's Guide to Surviving and Thriving
    1. Dealing with Rejection
    2. Diversifying Your Funding
    3. Using Your Time and Energy Effectively
    4. The Perfect Organization
  22. Resource A: Useful Publications
    1. Board Development and Fundraising
    2. Canadian Resources
    3. Community-Based Fundraising
    4. Computer Products and Services for Grant Research
    5. Earned Income
    6. Grant Directories
    7. Grant Research
    8. Nonprofit Advocacy
    9. Periodicals
    10. Program-Related Investments
    11. Proposal Writing
    12. Strategic Planning and Financial Management
  23. Resource B: Grant Database Tools
  24. Resource C: Raising Money from Faith-Based Grant Programs
  25. Resource D: Legal Issues for Nonprofit Advocates
    1. Different Types of Organizations Under Federal Law
    2. Integrated Strategies Using 501(c)(3)s, 501(c)(4)s, and PACs
    3. Election Law
  26. Resource E: Sharing Grants
    1. Looking for Money in Coalitions
    2. Coalition Fundraising: What Works
    3. The Collaborative Proposal
    4. Living with Coalitions
    5. Other Collaborative Grantseeking Strategies
    6. Sharing More Than Money
    7. Advice for Handling Money in Coalitions
  27. References
  28. Index

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  • Title: Grassroots Grants: An Activist's Guide to Grantseeking, Second Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2004
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9780787965785