Chapter 6

Critical Thinking: Argument Analysis Questions


Bullet Tackling Argument Analysis questions step-by-step

Bullet Reading the passage analytically

Bullet Discovering what the question is asking for

Bullet Thinking up your own answer before choosing one

Bullet Picking the correct answer by the process of elimination

You’ve probably heard the expression “You can’t believe everything you hear.” That’s what Argument Analysis is all about: challenging arguments that you read in books, magazines, newspapers, and on the web; examining assertions that you see on the nightly news; and questioning claims that you hear from politicians, not to mention sales pitches. Graduate schools expect you not only to read with understanding but also to apply critical thinking to sort out what’s supported by the facts and what isn’t.

An Argument Analysis question asks you to determine what new fact strengthens, weakens, or completes the argument, along with some variations. This chapter shows you what to look for in ...

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