Chapter 23

Ten Mistakes You Won’t Make (While Others Will)


Bullet Avoiding the temptation to cheat

Bullet Building endurance and taking advantage of breaks to finish strong

Bullet Strategically poising to get a top score

Throughout this book, you discover techniques for doing your best on the GRE. I’m sorry to say, however, that you may encounter just as many pitfalls for messing up big-time on the test. The good news is that you can avoid those pitfalls. Take a few minutes to read through these mistakes to see how other people have tanked the exam. By becoming aware of these catastrophes, you may prevent them from happening to you.

You Won’t Cheat

Cheating on the GRE simply doesn’t work, so don’t even consider it. They’re on to you. When you get to the testing center, and before you begin your test, the proctors separate you from anything that you can possibly use to cheat, including your phone, wristwatch, water bottle, jacket, and hat. On top of that, you’re monitored by a camera while taking the test. Any semblance of privacy goes right out the window.

How would you cheat anyway? You can’t copy all those vocabulary words or write all the math formulas on anything accessible during ...

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