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Great CSS: Level 1

Video Description

Great CSS: Level 1 will lay the foundation for getting started with CSS. Once you've finished the course you'll have all the tools you need to turn a plain website into a masterpiece. Even beyond the basics you'll learn how professional web designers utilize CSS, honing in on some of the overlooked features that will make you fall in love CSS.

When you buy Great CSS: Level 1, you get access to an entire video library of lessons-including lessons that aren't available yet! Here's the scoop: we're continually adding new sections in Level 1 that take you further into CSS. We're also updating existing lessons and creating new ones in response to your questions, along with special "challenge lessons" that will test your skills. All of this is yours with Great CSS: Level 1.

You'll learn how to reference CSS from within HTML, how to add style efficiently and even how to get past some common hurdles. We'll turn an unstyled web-page into a multi-column, beautiful layout all while adhering to the W3C guidelines of standards-based coding. On top of that, we'll make sure that our CSS is browser compatible and how to get around some of the painful IE6 bugs.