Great Part-Time Jobs


A part-time job is just that, a few hours a day, or a couple of days a week or a month. The jobs I’ve listed in this chapter tend to be available year-round and can even be ramped up to full-time positions in some cases.

But if the possibilities listed here aren’t quite what you’re after, keep reading. You might find one that you can negotiate for part-time duties that calls out to you in Chapter 2, “Great Seasonal Jobs,” Chapter 3, “Great Holiday Jobs,” or Chapter 4, “Great Snowbird Jobs.” In general, though, from my experience, the jobs you’ll find in those narrower genres will lean toward full-time for a short burst of a few months a year. In today’s job market, anything is negotiable. So don’t be afraid to ask, or create your own hours on the go, as bloggers Jose and Jill Ferrer did.

When the Ferrers retired from telecommunications careers that spanned nearly three decades at AT&T, they sold their townhouse in Randolph, New Jersey, for about $360,000 and hit the road.

Since 2005, they’ve traveled full-time, from Oregon to New Mexico to Florida and points in between at the wheel of their 40-foot Country Coach Allure motor home (paid for with cash). A Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail motorcycle, a Saturn car, and two bicycles are also on board.

“We’re living a lifestyle that enables us to move around as we choose,” says Jill. “We usually take our ...

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