Great Health Care Jobs


When you scan the job market these days, one bright light is health care. Not surprisingly, some of these jobs top the AARP Bulletin’s list of 50 jobs for a second career. Have medical experience or willing to learn? These fields are in demand.

You don’t have to be a surgeon or ICU nurse. There are hundreds of areas of specialization, such as paramedical examiner, school nurse, medical records administrator, medical assistant, or home care aide. Many jobs offer flexible work schedules.

If you have health care experience in your preretirement tool kit, you’ll have a leg up. Stepping into this growing and ever-changing arena, however, may require new skills to score a certification or renew a license. Many employers prefer applicants who are certified by a recognized professional association.

The soaring demand for skilled workers, though, will make the effort worth your while. Ideally you can plan ahead and add the necessary courses before you start job seeking to smooth the move.

For Denise Teifel, working part time as a paramedical examiner is the perfect financial safety net in her new stage of life. The bulk of her work for ExamOne, a subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics, is conducting medical exams to screen individuals for life insurance policies.

Her working hours are usually spent on the road, making house calls on applicants. She’s fine with that—it’s ...

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