Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Career Change


When it comes to changing jobs and certainly entire career paths, there are plenty of things to be afraid of. You might not call it fear. But let’s face it. That’s what stops you from making the move out of a miserable job, starting over in a new field, or picking up the phone to make a networking call, no matter how right the time is to do just that. It’s paralyzing.

The biggest worries: failure, loss of money, loss of pride, rejection, and feeling undervalued. And obviously, if you’re starting over no matter where it is, being the new kid on the block, when your ego isn’t prepared, can be daunting. These are all honest and true gut-level fears. They are fears that we can put down to simple human nature.

It’s okay to be afraid. But it’s not okay to let those fears stop you from following a new path that might make your life a heck of a lot better in many ways—personally and financially. If you don’t fall into the trap of second-guessing your decisions, you’ll develop an inner confidence that keeps you going when things take a turn for the worse.

It happens. It’s being able to keep your head down and barrel on through the hard times to get to the other side that’s a secret ingredient for starting new careers and jobs at any age.

You must be able to take action when faced with a challenge like finding a job when you’ve been pink-slipped ...

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