Praise for Great Myths of the Brain

“The more we are interested in the brain and how it explains our behavior, the more important it is that we rid ourselves of untruths and half-truths. Myth-buster extraordinaire, Christian Jarrett is an engaging and knowledgeable guide who spring-cleans the cobwebs of misinformation that have accumulated over recent years. You will be surprised at some favorite beliefs that turn out to be scare stories or wishful thinking. Yet Jarrett conveys a strong optimism about fresh approaches that will result in new knowledge. All claims are well substantiated with references. It will be fun to learn from this book.”

Professor Uta Frith DBE, UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

“Christian Jarrett is the ideal guide to the fascinating, bewildering, and often overhyped world of the brain. He writes about the latest discoveries in neuroscience with wonderful clarity, while cleanly puncturing myths and misinformation.”

Ed Yong, award-winning science writer, blogger, and journalist

Great Myths of the Brain provides an incredibly thorough and engaging dismantling of neurological myths and misconceptions that abound today. For anyone overwhelmed by copious bogus neuroscience, Christian Jarrett has generously used his own mighty brain to clear this cloud of misinformation, like a lighthouse cutting through the fog.”

Dr Dean Burnett, Guardian blogger, Cardiff University

“Lots of people cling to misconceptions about the brain that are just plain wrong, and sometimes ...

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