Series: Sustainable Energy Developments
The book series addresses novel techniques and measures related to sustainable energy
developments with an interdisciplinary focus that cuts across all fields of science, engineering
and technology linking renewable energy and other sustainable materials with human society. It
addresses renewable energy sources and sustainable policy options, including energy efficiency
and energy conservation to provide long-term solutions for key-problems of industrialized,
developing and transition countries by fostering clean and domestically available energy and,
concurrently, decreasing dependence on fossil fuel imports and reducing greenhouse gas
emissions. Possible applications will be addressed not only from a technical point of view, but
also from economic, nancial, social, political, legislative and regulatory viewpoints. The book
series aims to become a state-of-the-art source for a large group of readers comprising different
stakeholders and professionals, including government and non-governmental organizations and
institutions, international funding agencies, universities, public health and energy institutions,
and other relevant institutions.
SERIES EDITOR: Jochen Bundschuh
This book provides the connection between the growing body of literature on sustainability and
the topics of energy and ICT. It aims to show how stakeholders active in this area need to play
their part ensuring that the ICT-sector evolves towards a sector that can lead through “greening
by IT” and also shows that it can “green its own IT” as well. This is the first book that integrates
two seemingly incompatible approaches to sustainability: efficiency and effectiveness. The
book builds on the efciency initiatives already taken by industry, but it is not a how-to-do-it
manual. It offers insight in state of the art approaches to green IT and greening by IT. Attention
to important stakeholders outside the sector, e.g. policy makers and the eld of education,
makes this book comprehensive. A more encompassing view on ICT and sustainability is offered
to the reader and, as such, managers in higher education, educators, CIOs, policymakers and
regulators are inspired to integrate their efforts and to contribute to a transition of one of the
most important and prominent sectors in our global economy.
Green ICT & Energy From smart to wise strategies
an informa business
Jaco H. Appelman, Anwar Osseyran & Martijn Warnier
Green ICT & Energy
From smart to wise strategies

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