Appendix A. Consumption and Savings Worksheets

In This Appendix

  • Establishing your baseline

  • Logging data center conditions

  • Calculating facility power with meter readings

  • Estimating your IT power consumption

  • Calculating DCiE and PUE

  • Using quickie watts calculation

  • Filling out your data center green report card

Establishing a Baseline

As you begin your green IT program, collect as much of the following information as you can and keep it where you'll be able to find it years from now. It will help you document how much progress you've made. See Chapter 5 for more on getting started with a green program.

Floor space

If you can't get this from architectural plans, get out your tape measure and measure the room. Remember area = length × width.

Raised floor area _____ ft2 or meter2 (circle one)

Total floor area _____ ft2 or meter2 (circle one)

IT equipment

Number of server cores _____

Online data stored _____ terabytes

Online storage capacity _____ terabytes

Network connection bandwidth _____ gigabytes/second

Utility meter

Location of data center utility meter _____

Date _____ Time _____ Reading _____

Power cost per kWh (kilowatt-hour)

Use your recent utility bill, if possible. Check with your accounting department if you don't regularly see the bill.

Bill date: Month _____ Year _____

Base $ _____ /kWh

Peak $ _____ /kWh

Night $ _____ /kWh

Billing period duration _____ (such as 30 days)

Power used in last billing period _____ kW (if broken out for data center)

Total corporate power usage in period _____ kW

Chiller capacity ...

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